Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review: Newsroom

Ugly-looking, funny-sounding english chick pokes and shows up an old curmudgeon. The whole show deludes itself as being neutral/fair-minded, like a fish deluding itself that it's not swimming in water.

The greatest country in the world: Newsroom

It's fun to watch american TV shows once you recognise the delusions that they pontificate from. (once you have opened your eyes, taken the red pill)

Liberals lose? LMAO I wouldn't even bother with that.

Japan certainly has too much freedom, as any loli-loving pedo will agree.

Freedom in canda except when you have PTSD-susceptible lesbians(is that redundant or is that the cause) can sue your butt for telling jokes at their expense. On the bright side, fetus-abortion jokes harm no one.

Education - consider PISA, an international student assessment test.
American students once sorted by race/ethnicity score higher than where they hail from, asians score higher than any other asian country (only Shanghai students fared better, difficulty level -  asian, or more correctly east asian), white american students score higher than any european country save Finland. (PISA 2009 Reading)


Domestically, the same idiocy is widespread, for example in a column by Krugman the Keynesian talking of how Texas lags behind Wisconsin. This despite the fact that Texas students once sorted by race/ethnicity score higher than students from Wisconsin, and they score lower when combined.

Life expectancy of black males is higher if they stay in jail, doesn't US have them in the largest numbers in the whole developed world?

Education spending in US is gargantuan, wiki shows it is slightly shy of the 1 Trillion $ mark.
For per student spending, US is one of the highest in the whole world, the aforementioned Finland for example being 33% less.

The US education spending is the highest in the world, US leads the world in education spending.

HELLO!! (Take a look at the (outdated)graphic here)

US can be the greatest country in the world?

USA is a country? With the war on women advertisements for votes, you'd think they'd lose the 'o' already, or spell it as c0untry. And then there is that small matter of country borders with mexico being a sieve with holes so big that even an elephant couple in mid-intercourse could fit through.

The leftist demagoguery is also something that US must lead the world in; none are so blind as those who refuse to see, save for those who are informed by the US media.